See the new seaweed (hand-pressed!) cards

Dear Everyone ~


I first saw these rather astonishing seaweed images down the Instagram rabbit hole.
I researched a bit, and now am delighted to be the only shop in the U.S.
to carry these cards freshly imported from the U.K.


I’ve always had a botanical bent,
and the film adaptation of A. S. Byatt’s “Angels & Insects” made me swoon.
These postcard and notecard sets are in the same dreamy vein.
The reproduction of these hand-pressed specimens is wonderfully detailed.

Each image is unique (a word we do not use lightly),
which is to say that these sets contain no duplicates.
The postcard portfolio contains 12 different cards,
and there are two different assortments.
The notecard portfolio presents 8 more images …
for a grand total of 32 different seaweed specimens. Who knew?

The postcard sets come in a petite portfolio handy for holding stamps
and other little papery treasures (once you’ve used the postcards); the
notecard sets come in a generous 6 ½  x 9 ½ portfolio
that is dandy for containing larger epistolary supplies.


Swimmingly, Bari