Paper, paper everywhere, and barely time to think

Dear Everyone ~


I’m freshly returned from a whirlwind trip to New York City
to explore two trade shows (NSS and NY Now)
and bask in a big infusion of creative camaraderie.
Here are some highlights of my trip.

During last week’s polar vortex in Chicago, I spent a couple of days
preparing mail to send from New York (see at top).
I had faith in a Manhattan mailbox I passed near Union Square,
intoned a silent Om, and slipped my envelopes into the narrow slot.
If I haven’t heard from any of the intended recipients by next Monday,
I’ll start getting anxious.

Both trade shows were at the Javits Convention Center,
which occupies several city blocks and three stories.
As you know, I’m a huge (hint) fan and user of washi tape, and I’m delighted to report
that I got a big (hint) thrill from my MT (which stands for Masking Tape)
supplier’s new offering. I’ll be showcasing my next favourite-tape-of-the-moment
as soon as my order arrives. I also discovered a wonderful new book about gifting,
ribbons, and calligraphy. The author was charming enough to inscribe a show copy for me,
and I’ll feature the book in an upcoming blog post, once my order is in the shop.


Obviously, I couldn’t shop on an empty stomach.
I had brunch on Sunday and lunch on Tuesday at Friedman’s,
where my companions and I sampled every potato product on the menu.
My favourites were the herbed (rosemary, thyme, sage) fries and the sweet potato fries.


I reveled in the wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling envelope display at
Paper Presentation, where I replenished my personal reserves,
including tiny enclosure envelopes.
I also acquired a supply of 9 x 12 kraft envelopes
I’ll be using to package the stock pages of
Deluxe Array of Assorted Denominations
and the Extravaganza of Vintage 3¢ Postage.


While my flight home was delayed by the ice storm in Chicago,
I am consoled with the prospect of
soothing pastel cotton ribbons from Studio Carta.
By the way,
I’ll be teaching two workshops in Boston the first weekend in April.

P.S. A couple of seats are still available for Julie Wildman’s
Akim Cursive workshop this coming Sunday, February 10.

Signing off, Bari