Postcard, postcard, on the wall … Yes indeed, I love them all

Dear Everyone ~


It’s been awhile since I’ve shown the postcard wall … which continues to flow.
Soon (swoon) it will literally cascade over my
very big Everything Cabinet to merge with the inspiration collage
above my board-cutting table (near the guillotine).

If you’ve sent cards in the past, you are cordially enticed to join the postal party anew.
Your new card(s) will be washi’d to the wall with future installations,
so you will be represented in different sections—fun to hunt for when you visit.

If you haven’t yet sent a card, I’d love it if you would …
and I will send you a card in return. (So be sure to include your mailing address.)

On a personal note, I’m currently in a phase of enjoying
mailing postcards and notecards into the world,
rather than drawing in my spare moments.

Jotty & Jaunty, Bari