Washi ’n’ wear: Light wraps for summer

Dear Everyone ~

The studio’s complimentary “signature wrap” has recently undergone a subtle shift,
inspired by a friend whose papery sensibilities I admire. She wraps her packages
with the tissue on the bias, and she is a big fan of “dress pin” washi.
This tape is brilliantly designed so that when you apply a piece to anything,
it looks as if the pin has gone through the paper or fabric.
I love this trompe l’oeil effect.

After a bit of experimenting, I decided I even like leaving one corner
of the tissue un-tucked in. It reminds me a bit of a furoshiki.

The “clip” pattern offers assorted butterfly clips and bulldog clips.
When you apply a piece on top of twine or cord,
it looks as if the clip is holding the beribbonment in position.

The “envelope/eyelet” tape includes several string-and-button closures.
I am particularly fond of using these on envelope flaps.
They are also great to secure the ends of a wrapped package.

The pin pattern is very temporarily out of stock;
the other two patterns are available immediately.
You can order now, and we will ship as soon as your order can be complete.
(Parcels will be sealed with a surprise pattern of washi!)

Numerous other patterns (in a range of widths) are available at the shop.
Assortment boxes of six patterns are also in stock in limited quantities.


Assorted washi tapes

That’s a wrap, Bari