Envelop your notes with casual elegance!

Dear Everyone ~

Having an assortment of envelopes and cards at hand can inspire you.
A range of sizes to hold your enclosure(s) du jour,
coloured envelopes, hand-bordered flaps ...
can make sending off a note an extra-esthetic pleasure.


Bundles of stationery have long been something I love assembling,
knowing they will go to good homes and in turn to many homes.
It also pleases me to give epistolary aficionados the
opportunity to experience European envelopes and cards
that are not easily found in the U.S.

And, of course, if you are going to mail something, you are going to think about postage.
Years ago, I offered lovely envelopes to which I had pre-applied
an arrangement of vintage stamps.
People loved them. Rather than reprising myself,
I am introducing manila stock pages full (really full!) of an assortment
of vintage U.S. postage, including many engraved stamps.
Each stock page provides the chromatic and thematic wherewithal
to embellish many noteworthy envelopes.
Delight your friends. Amaze the Postal Service.

Seen here: Extravaganza of 3¢ Vintage Postage & Deluxe Array of Assorted Denominations.

Many people don't realize that postage stamps are good forever, until they've been used.
The vast majority of old stamps will never be valuable, so resist the temptation to hoard them ...
and send them out into the world. You can also use them for other creative pursuits:
to adorn a back flap; to seal a package; to dazzle your découpage or classy your collage
— it's all the rage!

Always stationery, never stationary, Bari