Ann + Robyne’s matrimonial paper capers!

Dear Everyone ~

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of making books, albums,
and boxes for many couples celebrating their wedding or anniversary.
I always love being part of these commemorations.
Recently, I made a book and a box for Ann and Robyne to give each other—
without Ann knowing I was collaborating with Robyne,
and without Robyne knowing I was collaborating with Ann.
Their matrimonial machinations had a delicious layer
of stealth between the two gifts.


First: Ann came in at the suggestion of Maria Grillo,
who was designing the wedding invitation package,
including a very special no-gifts card inviting guests to pay it forward by
"doing something kind for someone without their knowing—and tell us about it."
People described their "kindness" on their postcards and mailed them back.
Delightful detail: Maria also created two custom postage stamps
with watercolor illustrations echoing the wedding palette.

Meanwhile: Unbenownst to Robyne, Ann wanted to make a box to hold the cards as a wedding gift.
When Ann came in to discuss this, I suggested that she might like to "delegate"
the responsibility of making the box to me. We selected papers to complement
the cards that would reside in the box. Ann then mentioned that she would be
bringing Robyne by to finalize the selection of their guest book ...
and asked that I not let on about the box.

Then: Ann and Robyne came in for the guest book errand,
and Robyne, who is not a paper person per se, was rather captivated by the shop.
The guest book they chose is a long-stitch binding covered in vintage
Katazome paper in a geometric pattern. They also decided to select an assortment
of my Japanese paper-covered mini-pencils to include in gift bags for their out-of-town guests.

Next: The following week, Ann came by to pick up the box on her way out of town.
Just a couple of hours later, who should show up but Robyne,
bringing a small bag of notes and ephemera they had given each other.
She wanted to make these into a gift!

Here's how Ann and Robyne later described their inspirations
for their gifts to each other—and their no-gift policy for their guests.

bari mini pencils 1 ed.jpeg

Both: We neither needed nor wanted traditional gifts,
and one of the characteristics we most treasure in one another is kindness,
so that became the focus of our ceremony, which was small by design.
Our guests sent back postcards describing beautiful stories offered spontaneously
as well as kindness proffered when reaching out was very difficult.
We were inspired by these narratives. Oh, and we also "responded" to our own request
by extending kindness in serveral situations where doing something good
could make a difference.

bari mini pencils ed.jpeg

Ann: I knew that I wanted to give Robyne a special wedding gift,
and because I love paper and all things Japanese, I wondered if I could find
or even make something. After discussing various options with Bari,
it was clear she realized that as a novice, I was not likely to rise to my own standards
if I were the box-maker. Bari guided me through the process of also creating
the interior of the box that would feature our wedding "logo": XO ROBYNE + ANN,
in foil-stamping. We didn't take the box to the reception because
we had asked our guests to submit their responses just to us,
and we wanted to honor their privacy.


Robyne: I so wanted to give Ann something personal and meaningful as a wedding gift.
We have so many things, and typically buy what pleases us as we go along.
One of the most wonderful things about our relationship is the sharing of notes
and cards that capture our joy and love. For years I've been saving them,
tucked away in boxes scattered throughout the house.
I thought a collection of these mementos would be a wonderful way
to confirm and affirm our love for each other.

bari mini pencils 2 ed.jpeg

For weeks I stole time to look through
these precious memories and carefully re-hid them before Ann would arrive home.
Sorting finally became random—they were all my favourite!
After meeting Bari with Ann, I knew she would be perfect for this task.
Thankfully, Ann had asked me to pick up some extra mini-pencils for our gift bags,
and so I had the perfect opportunity to consult and ultimately
give this project to Bari. Volume One is now completed!
There is so much more and so many years to collect.


* * * * *

And, there is so much more artistic detail and sweet sentiment to this story.
I am in deep bow to Ann and Robyne for their willingness to share
their celebration of love and for their exquisite thoughtfulness.
Traditionally, the first year anniversary is known as the Paper Anniversary.
I can't help but wonder what Ann and Robyne might do for each other next September!

Swoonfully, Bari