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A Box That's a Gift

Great things come in small packages.

Lidded boxes as small as 3 x 3 x 2 in. tall, superb for jewelry or a very special key. Or, design a size to hold the contents of your pockets. Treat your junque du jour to a box of its own.

At left: Assorted boxes covered in crinkly Kodai paper from Japan. The paper, which feels like fabric, is only shipped once or twice a year, and usually just one or two sheets per pattern. I often have 10 or more patterns in the studio, in limited quantities.

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Present Perfect

I will be pleased to wrap a gift you provide, in a custom box with complementary inner lining.

At left: Gift wrapped in Japanese stencil-dyed paper (white crescent moons on indigo blue), tied with silk-satin ribbon. My calligraphy on the gift tag.