Lasting tributes.

Construction: Screw-post binder holds pages on which friends or colleagues have inscribed their wishes or reminiscences. Pages are pretrimmed to size, drilled with holes, and scored so that the book can open flat.

Paper: Lighter weight for pages with text or pre-printed images; heavier weight for mounting memorabilia or photos.



Finishing touches: Recessed panel on the album cover can display a small photo or tip-on with the honoree's name (foil-stamp, letterpress or calligraphy). Shown below: Title typed on a vintage Florentine bookplate reads Norris S. Nahman, The First 80 Years, 1925 – 2005.


Group mentality.

  1. Using 8½ x 11 in. album pages makes it easy for participants to compose text (and arrange images) on the computer and print the page(s) in LANDSCAPE orientation. Include extra sheets for practice.
  2. Providing pre-addressed return envelopes with sturdy protective cardboard for returning pages to the “project coordinator” is handy. Prominently marking DO NOT BEND on both the mailing and return envelopes is a smart start.
  3. Leaving a left margin of at least ¾ in. from the score prevents text from getting “pinched” into the binding area.
  4. Signing the page by hand is a nice touch. A signature (even if you do not like your handwriting!) is personal and evocative.
  5. Including your last name, either on the front or back of your page(s) is helpful for anyone reading the book who doesn’t know all the contributors. It’s also nice for posterity.