Graphite Clutch Refills


Graphite Clutch Refills

from 8.00

Shown here, left to write:

Tall 5.5 mm 2B (3 per tube)

Tall 2.0 HB or 2B (12 per tube)

Short 5.5 mm 2B or 5B (3 per tube)

The Tall 5.5 mm fits our Aubergine clutch; the Tall 2.0 fits our Black clutch; and, the Short 5.5 mm fits our Black Triangular clutch.

The glass test tube is labelled (vintage, of course) by hand.

All pens and pencils are presented in our complimentary signature wrapping: a handmade Japanese paper bag, sealed with our favourite washi tape of the day.

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