Basic Bookbinding Kit


Basic Bookbinding Kit


The kit includes the five essential tools for making a non-adhesive style book:

1. Bonefolder, for folding your signatures (pages)

2. Shipping clerk's knife, for creating  lovely “hand-torn” edges on your pages

3. Lightweight awl, for piercing holes to prepare for sewing

4. Xacto knife with five #11 blades, for cutting your cover paper down to size

5. Tapestry needle, for sewing, of course!

The bonefolder and shipping clerk's knife are also available separately. Irish waxed-linen thread in 4-ply and 7-ply is sold in individual 10-yard spools.

Wrapped in our complimentary signature style: white tissue, bakers twine & our favourite washi tape of the day.

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