Lyra Colour Giant ~ Metallic


Lyra Colour Giant ~ Metallic

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These pencils feel great in your hand and are a dream to doodle, scribble or draw with. Whether you're a beginner or color pencil aficionado. They are highly pigmented and have extra thick leads which gives their famous gigantic intensity.  They're also break-resistant & long lasting. Smudge-proof and waterproof. An all around lovely pencil!!

The Metallic's are great to add a bit of subtle sparkle to your drawing and show beautifully on black and other dark coloured papers.

Choose from 6 colors or treat yourself to a complete set. 

Measures 6-3/4"

Made in Germany

All pens and pencils are presented in our signature wrapping; A handmade Japanese paper bag, sealed with our favorite washi-tape of the day.

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