Bookbinding Tool Kit - Coptic-stitch


Bookbinding Tool Kit - Coptic-stitch


The most essential tools for making a non-adhesive, Coptic-stitch stye, or Japanese style binding.

1. Bonefolder, for folding your signatures (or folios, pages)

2. Shipping clerk's knife, for creating a lovely hand-torn edge on your book pages

3. Lightweight awl, for piercing the holes to prepare for sewing.

4. Medium-weight awl with replaceable needle for holes for sewing the pages onto/into the covers. 

5. #11 xacto-blade, for trimming your cover papers.

6. Medium curved needle (for coptic-stitch), or tapestry needle (for Japanese-style) sewing.

Irish waxed-linen thread in 10 yard spools sold separately...  

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