Calling All Correspondents!

Become Part of Our Postcard Wall &
Receive a Thank-you Postcard Right Back.


When we first moved here in 2015, we started a display of our favourite postcards.
Mostly ones we received at our then-new studio,
plus some we'd received earlier & several we'd collected on our travels.
(all attached with our favourite washi tapes, of course)

Our momentum was momentarily disrupted when a pipe
had to be fixed behind that wall & we had to remove the cards until
the work was being completed.

Our Dream!

Our dream is to see the postcards flowing over the paper cabinet,
connecting to the inspiration collage in the studio,
& wrapping around into the kitchen.


We love to send mail.
We ALL love to receive mail!
We love to collect and receive postcards.
We would love to include You!



Send us a postcard (studio address below)


Tell us about your day,
or your travels if you're traveling, or something that has inspired you recently.


Remember to include Your address on the postcard,
so that we can mail you back!

Send one, two, or a few & we will send you one, two, or a few!

Send a Postcard ~ Receive a Postcard!

Yours in snailmail,


Bari Zaki Studio
3858 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613