A summer season of favourite workshop flavours

Dear Everyone ~

The summer workshop schedule has stitched itself together beautifully.

Even before the official start of summer, I’m delighted to report
that Cat Bennett has agreed to teach an added session of Drawing Faces.
(Her Saturday session sold out almost immediately.)
Her “bonus session” will be the afternoon of Sunday, June 9.

Drawing Faces — June 9

I will teach three bookbinding workshops this summer:
Coptic Stitch (with hard covers); Duo of Two-signature Stitched Booklets;
and, Buttonhole Stitch.
I will also teach one session of Introduction to Boxmaking.
The dates are listed below, and full details are in the class listings.
If my workshop dates don’t sync with your summer schedule,
you are welcome to propose a different date for a private or semiprivate workshop.

Coptic Stitch — June 22
Introduction to Boxmaking — July 20
Duo of Two-signature Stitched Booklets — July 13
Buttonhole Stitch — August 10

Becka Bravo is back!
She will teach Modern Calligraphy once in June and once in July.
She will also teach one session of Watercolour Brush Calligraphy in June.

Beginning Modern Calligraphy — June 23 or July 21
Watercolour Brush Lettering — June 23


Julie Wildman will offer her Modern Brush Calligraphy workshop in August.

Modern Brush Calligraphy — August 24

The wonderful British seaweed postcard and notecard sets
are back in shop and online. If you missed them the first time around,
they are well worth a look.

Splashily, Bari