Everything's coming up ... letterpress!

Dear Everyone ~


I first fell in love with Lynn Faitelson’s With Love postcard
when I received a red one in a package from her.
In a word: swoon.
This card can make anyone’s mail day.
When I was in Boston last month, I visited Lynn at her studio,
and the With Love postcards were on press.
I ordered some on the spot, and Lynn suggested
that I might like to also order a second colour.


The package from Lynn in which I first received the surprise
With Love postcard, contained a sample set of her letterpress-printed
botanical cards
. My heart literally pitter-pattered ...
at the combination of colours, the flowers, the smell of freshly printed cards,
the feel of letterpress ... and the realization I could hand-tint
the cards with coloured pencil or watercolour!
I knew these were destined to be a Springy new arrival.


I am thrilled to be Lynn’s first retail account for this fresh line of cards.
I am offering them as a set of three,
each letterpress printed in a single rich colour: teal, fuchsia, and orange.
They beg (well, whisper) to be hand-coloured!
I’ve packaged them in a handy glassine sleeve.

* * * * *

We do believe in judging a book by its cover …
and we also like to judge notecards by their box.

This set of six letterpress-printed Noat cards are generously sized (4¾ x 7¼ )
and come with a lovely envelope.
The box itself functions a bit like an envelope, which adds to its charm.
The designs remind me of mysterious miscellaneous bits foraged
from a forest bathing adventure, or a walk in the park.

Don’t dawdle (stationary) at your desk.
Spring into May with some new cards (stationery).

Letterpresto, Bari