The Bostonians are coming... to teach!

Dear Everyone ~


Cat Bennett seems like an old friend,
even though I’ve only known her for three years.
She taught at my studio in the fall of 2017 and 2018 … and this year,
she is coming to experience summer (we hope!) in Chicago.
And she is bringing her husband, author and writing coach Allan Hunter,
to teach two classes as well.
These will be the first writing workshops I’ve offered,
and Allan is a confidence-building guide extraordinaire.


Last year, Cat’s Drawing Faces workshop drew more interest
than we had seats available, so she is teaching it again.
And, because she is personally reveling in using a sketchbook,
she has created a new workshop focused on that very thing.

IMG_2141 (1).jpg

Allan, who is a professor at Curry College outside Boston,
will be offering Finding the Stories in Your Life and
Finding Your Writing Voice.
I will be eavesdropping on both!

* * * * *

Drawing Faces: Saturday, June 8 — 10am–1pm

The Artful Sketchbook: Sunday, June 9 — 10am–1pm

* * * * *

Finding the Stories in Your Life: Saturday June 8 — 2–5pm

Finding Your Writing Voice: Sunday, June 9 — 2–5pm


Toodle-oo, Bari

All three of Cat’s books are always in stock in the studio.
She graciously signed a supply of them last year,
and she will be happy to personalize while she’s here.
(So, if you have unpersonalized copies in your library, bring them with you!)