Blooming Serizawas: A bouquet of “shard cards”

Dear Everyone ~


My last post of last year was “A serendipity of Serizawas,” about
my newfound inspiration from vintage Serizawa calendar pages.
I mentioned that, while making my second series of Serizawa-covered
buttonhole stitch books, I became intrigued by the beauty
of even the tiniest triangle scraps.
Not content (for long) just to make mosaic patterns in my sketchbook,
I am pleased to debut this morning my “Blooming Serizawa” cards.

The blossoms are trimmed with my trusty scallop shears and affixed to a
folded notecard I’ve made from one of my current favourite papers,
Aquarella from Carta Pura. I’ve drawn the stems and leaves using
a brush pen by Kuretake (which I sell at the shop, but not online).
So far, I’ve resisted the temptation to color in the leaves.


The folded cards measure 4⅝ x 6⅝, and each one truly is unique.
I will select for you when you specify one bloom or two.

The card comes with a lovely envelope of European mouldmade paper.
It’s creamy, dreamy—and definitely toothy.

A friend to whom I sent my first of these cards called up to exclaim,
“I sense a slightly Steinbergian sensibility here!”

Pick your blooms here.

Florally, Bari