Enjoy an early spring workshop fling!

Dear Everyone ~


I am delighted to announce four new workshops and
a reprise of last season’s highly hyphenated 2-Day Workshop:
Long-stitch-link-stitch with Hand-folded Envelopes.

My three new bookbinding workshops
are all variations on the beautiful booklet theme.
The simplest structure is a single-signature booklet,
for which students will learn a trio of different stitches.


I’m also teaching a workshop where students will make
a pair of 2-signature booklets, using two different stitches
(one starting with A and the other with Z!).


And I’m teaching a 3-signature booklet structure whose ⅝ inch spine
is adorned with an elaborate diamond pattern of x-stitches.


All of these booklets use non-adhesive binding styles—and offer
a delightful opportunity to use waxed linen thread
(choose from a veritable rainbow of lovely colours).
All covers are made from Saint-Armand 100% cotton rag,
in a range of sorbet-fresh colours.

My new boxmaking workshop requires no prior experience—but will also
be great for anyone who has taken my Introduction to Boxmaking.
In the new workshop, we’ll make a classic three-part box, two “trays”
and a spine that allows the box to open completely flat.
This has definite advantages for storing a cherished book, in that
you can open the book (completely flat) without removing it from the box.

Feeling peachy & teachy, Bari