Hand & Heart: Calligraphy classes with Julie Wildman

Dear Everyone ~

Lettering artist Julie Wildman has studied with renowned
calligraphers across Europe. She is a master of many hands,
and teaching—throughout North America—
is an important aspect of her own practice.


She is the recipient of the 2014 Newberry Purchase Prize,
for her entry in that year's Chicago Calligraphy Collective
exhibition at The Newberry Library.
(I featured her winning alphabet book in my project gallery,
as she used one of my long-stitch books, which she had bought the year before.)


Next month, Julie will offer Akim Cursive
a lovely style created by German calligrapher Hans-Joachim Burgert.
Its flow may remind you of the rhythms of the human heart.


In March, Julie will teach Modern Playful Handwriting.
We are living (and shopping!) in a great age of casual calligraphy and fun scripts.
Modern hands are all around us: in windows and on the web,
on greeting cards, chalkboards, and invitations.
This class is a great chance to learn how to develop your own modern style.


I have been the beneficiary of Julie's talents on many occasions.
I am delighted to have signs of her work throughout my shop,
including on the labels for my three-ring binders.

Scriptfully, Bari