Note time like the present!

Dear Everyone ~

Here is a colorful preview of new noteworthy arrivals,
or maybe they are noteworthy new arrivals.
Either way, they will organize your thoughts and brighten your desk.


These notebooks come in two sizes, square (5.5") and portrait (8.25 x 5")
Hang on to your ruler!
Five different interior patterns to choose from,
three in the square format and two in the portrait format.
(In shop only)

A fresh supply of our favourite French notebooks for your bon mots!
64 lined pages of creamy ivory, with rounded corners. (5.5 x 8.25")
The newest covers are très colorful and chic-ly charmant.


Pre-assorted pairs of stylish sticky notes.
(2.5 x 2.875")

IMG_0461 (1).jpg

Mini Notebooks (4.125 x 5.5") come in six lovely colors:
Juicy Apricot, Early Morning, Darkest Chocolate,
Santa Rosa Plum, Warm Sidewalk, Blushing Peach.
Each interior has a different lined or grid pattern (30 pages),
which is also cleverly printed on the cover as a label.

Fab pad of 24 Japanese cold-press postcards
with classic red postal rectangles on the message side.
Lovely for a little watercolor.
(5.75 x 3.875")


Notebooks with linen covers
that feel deliciously textured in your hand.
Six colors: Orange, Smoke, Rust, Black, Cornflower, Terra Cotta.
The 48 sheets are all imprinted with a micro-grid (5.125 x 8.125").
Designed by Maharam, established in New York by Louis Maharam in 1902.

24K gold-plated paper clips under glass,
by Studio Carta. Available in Normale (shown here)
& Gigante (veramente jumbo!)


June is just around the corner.
(And our fabulous neighbors are just next door, on both sides,
and all the way down the block.)
Start your summer with a well-dressed desk
and a notebook (or few) to take wherever you go.

      ~  Bari