Warm up with winter bookbinding workshops

Dear Everyone ~

We're pleased to debut a trio of new bookbinding workshops.

Interwoven Folio Book is a newish-to-me technique that I love,
from Rachel Hazell's book Bound.


Crossed Snowshoes is a wonderful way to make a two-signature book,
which I like to describe as a "fancy pamphlet,"
with an elegant track of x-stitches down its slim spine.


Long-stitch-link-stitch with Hand-folded Envelopes will be my first
two-day workshop (Saturday and Sunday),
starting with learning how to make your own envelopes.

I'll also be teaching Buttonhole Stitch,
Introduction to Boxmaking, and a Coptic Stitch workshop.

*  *  *  *  *

As 2018 draws to a close, I'm thinking back on it as my Year of Teaching & Learning.
In July, I taught a private bookbinding workshop to Raquel from Brazil,
who showed me a book she had made,
which inspired me to offer my first two-day workshop.
In September, I was a guest instructor in Boston—
where I learned that I can teach seven students simultaneously in a smallish space!
Private and semiprivate classes proved extremely popular this year.

A "private workshop" can of course be for just one student,
but it can also be for a small group of people you invite,
making the class an even more congenial gathering.
And if you would like to give someone a specific workshop
as a gift, our gift certificate is lovely and customizable—
surprising in a stocking, memorable by mail.

To order a gift certificate or plan a private gathering, please call or e me.

Teaching up a storm, Bari