Washi Watch: Dispense your tape in style

Dear Everyone ~

Rolls of washi tape have been known to hide under wrapping supplies,
and even to roll off the table. To subdue your rogue washi,
to dispense with wrapping chaos, I recommend these nifty, newly arrived
official washi tape dispensers. They have a serrated edge and a magnetic side,
so you can link them together or affix one to your refrigerator or knife rack.
They can also stand on end, which is my personal preference
(at least so far).

The dispensers are currently in stock in four colour schemes.
Guess what? Each dispenser comes in its own little box,
which I'll gladly gift wrap with an excess of self-referential washi t


And, speaking of washi tape, new patterns have arrived.
Die-cut Labels has undulating edges that are to die for (hint).
Blackboard has chalky white flourishes,
AND you can write on the tape with a metallic gel pen.

Washi tape is wondrous for bedecking packages (both boxes & bags)
in a way that the recipient can open neatly, even fluidly.
If you fold one end of the strip under, sticking it to itself,
you can create a professional "tape tab" that makes removal even easier.

Washi tape is also terrific for trimming: envelopes, postcards, boxes
(most notably around the lid), and things we haven't thought to try yet.
If you email me a photo of your "washi work,"
I'll slow mail you a postcard!

Nota bene:
This Wednesday, November 21, the shop will be closed.
We will reopen on Friday, November 23, at noon.

In our online shop, you'll find several new boxes, including
some with interior dividers. I've made a handful of new books, including
Coptic-stitch bindings with vintage book covers.

Wishing you a delicious holiday, Bari