My Desk

My life revolves around my desk…it's the first place I go to in the morning, the first place I go to when I come home. I find it endlessly satisfying to be at my desk.

My desk is in our dining room, it is in fact our former dining table. Originally it was actually a desk. It measures 39" × 62" × 29". My husband purchased it 30 years ago when he was in South Africa . It had been a teachers' desk in its original life and has JM121 {for Johannesburg Municipal 121} stamped in the wood at the top of one of the legs.

The narrow left and right drawers extend the full depth of the table on either side of where I sit. The drawer on the right holds three business card boxes the length of a pen, held together with butterfly clips, neatly separating pencils from pens. Post-its, erasers, sharpeners, etc., remain free to roam in the remaining space. The left drawer holds scissors, a cloth to dust my computer screen, scrap paper, and several rulers. The drawer on the right is my favourite.

letter for blog.jpg

For me, the desk & its contents are the nexus of my creative life & my work life. And keeps me in the flow of what I value most -- Writing. Whether it's a list for the day, a letter to a friend, a scribble or a doodle. Always by hand.

The permanent fixtures on my desk are things I want to be surrounded by and reminded of daily. They include: Our Italian wedding photo, correspondence from friends, stacks of hand-bound books, photos of leaves, lots of coloured pencils. I prop my favourite postcards between my tiny Buddha and a letterbox I constructed & covered in Japanese paper. The letterbox is the centerpiece of the desk…as if everything that surrounds it becomes part of it.