100 Day Drawing Project


(some people referred to it as a 100 day project,

some a 100 day challenge,

either way, I enjoyed it immensely!)

April 5 - July 29, 2017

On April 5th we saw a post on Instagram about a 100 day drawing challenge,

& without hesitation said, “I’m in!” 

I figured that I draw everyday, so why not. 

What we enjoyed the most was deciding what we would draw and how we would draw it – we also discovered that we like to mix it up, but ultimately keep returning to my beloved color-pencils!

T-h-e-n… we discovered chatbooks!  

We ordered one on the spot.

We enjoyed seeing the drawings in order of postings,

independent of other imagery,

& was the inspiration to designate it’s own page here on my website!