My Curiosity for Natural Curiosities…

Moss 1

Chris is the owner of Moss. I've known about Moss for several years and had only experienced it once in that time. Then this past holiday season (Christmas that is), I happened to be in Forest Park, and so I stepped in for what I thought was going to be a quick peek. At first glance the space looked quite spare so I thought I'd be on my way in a short time, but then in a moment I found myself there for an hour! Moss is now part of my routine whenever out that way, and each time not only do I manage to end up there for an extended visit, I often come away with some unanticipated treasure, as well as some flora or fauna I have not seen previously.

I was thrilled on one of the visits when Chris and I began talking about her desk, and intrigued to see it…as it is out of view, and rightfully so!

Moss 2

It is where she sketches and draws from her collection of inspirations, and where she occasionally opens her laptop to peruse the internet for design purposes & additional inspiration. It is her “think tank” space, and where she enjoys her lunch. It also serves as a secondary surface for over-spill of floral stuff.

Moss 3

This desk was the first piece of Chinese furniture she bought when the shop first opened. She admits it's more formal & ornate than her usual rustic leanings. And although there have been plenty of offers, she knows whole heartily that she cannot part with it.

Moss 4

The other notable surface in Chris's shop is her work-table. This to me is the centerpiece of the shop, and is the first place I go to when I walk in. There will be any number of visual delights from several ginormous leaves umbrella-ing over the table, remnants of some arrangement in process, or exotic dried leaves or pods cast into a long wooden African bowl at the edge of the table.

Moss 5

A visit to Moss graciously feeds my never-ending curiosity for natural curiosities. Getting to see her desk…simply a plus!

Moss 6

Moss is located @ 7405 Madison, Forest Park, IL