Christine 1

Christine's desk is a solid oak, circa 1930's schoolteacher's desk & weighs in at approximately 400 lbs, without it's contents.

Christine 2

She believes that the previous owner didn't want to move it because if it's weight, and she got a great deal. Thing is, when she moved from the apartment where she acquired the desk to where she lives currently, she had to move it! But there was no doubt, it's a fabulous desk and she was not leaving it behind!

For Christine, this desk & the room it occupies are her sanctuary. The desk is substantial, and takes up about half of the 10 x 10' room it resides in, but it's a perfect fit! In this little room, there's an east-facing window, and two doorways; one leads to the living room, the other into the dining room. The remainder of wall space is filled with shelving. It's an office come true.

Christine 3

The first thing to catch my attention was her Rolodex, of course! She acquired it years ago on one of her first days working at a well-known public relations firm. While settling in, a fellow co-worker directed her to the supply room for the usual accoutrements, and there it was! She scooped it up without hesitation, and has been unable to part with it ever since. While her iphone is fully loaded with contacts info, this Rolodex is her preferred method of looking up addresses & phone-numbers.

Christine 4

And then there were drawers…six to be exact. Three on the right, and three on the left, filled to the brim with all things paper. My favourite is the one chock-a-block with cards & envelopes, three rows worth, wow! Christine loves to correspond, sending little notes in the mail.

Christine 4

I asked Christine to list 5 things she cannot do without at her desk.

  1. Post-it notes
  2. iphone charger
  3. reading glasses
  4. gel pen
  5. telephone